Technical description


Hover ceiling OGE3,840 m (EASA certification Q1 2021)
Hover ceiling IGE4,039 m
Fast cruise speed260 km/h
Max* range with standard fuel tanks at SL630 km
Max* endurance with standard fuel tanks SL4 hr, 30 min
Flight envelope (Temperature)-40°C to ISA +35°C limited to 50°C
Max altitude flight7,010 m


D-value12.94 m
Rotor diameter10.69 m
Cabin internal volume3.00 m3


Crew + passengers1 or 2 pilots + up to 6 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW)2,250 kg
Max takeoff weight with external load2,800 kg
Useful load976 kg
Standard fuel tank capacity426 kg
Engine typeSafran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2D
Takeoff power710 kW / 952 shp